How To Make Jamaican Curry Chicken

In my teen years curry chicken was a staple. We had a family friend that was born and raised in Jamaica and he knew how to throw down in the kitchen. At one of my birthday party’s he came over and made curry chicken (or as he would like to call it stewed chicken) for my mother and I to enjoy for the week. Well by the end of the party the pot was empty and all that was left was the gravy. My hungry drunken friends kept sneaking into the kitchen and stealing the wings out the pot. He didn’t even get mad though because he enjoyed feeding others. He was a chef by nature and trade. 

I was watching the food network channel at 2am the other night and they were showcasing a Jamaican restaurant that had curried goat. Oh my gosh I wanted it so badly. I started looking up the nearest Jamaican restaurants near me, but was dismayed when I found out the closest one was over two hours away. I live in a cultural desert. 🌵I decided I was just going to make it myself the next day as I’ve seen it being cooked a million times. I quickly shut my eyes and fell fast to sleep knowing I was going to eat good the next day.

I woke up the next morning and called my mom for the recipe. She started rambling off what goes into the meal, “a bit of onions, some oil, add your pototatoes”, I had to stop her because this list wasn’t going to make the perfect chicken curry. I needed exact measurements if I was going to duplicate the meal I enjoyed during my childhood. “Sorry mom, but I need exact measurements and exact cooking times”. My mom said she didn’t know how to do it like that and she just always went with how it looked and felt. 😒 Okayyyyy mom. 

So I hit up the next best resource. Google. 

Side note anytime I ask my sister how to do anything she refers me to google. Ask her about it. 

Okay, so I found a recipe on google that had some legit pictures and pretty good ratings. You know the recipe is good if there’s more than one picture on the site.  

Here’s the link

As I was going through the ingredients I realized I didn’t have a lot of the vegetables. I figured screw it, I don’t even like vegetables that much and my husband is going to pick around them anyways. Okay, so moving away from that hurdle I realized I didn’t have the right oil or the right seasonings. 😑 I’m the worst. Who doesn’t prepare for a meal before actually being hands deep in chicken trying to make it? 

So all of a sudden a beautiful floating image of my mother appeared in the kitchen and she repeated back what she said earlier to me that day. “Just go with the feel and the look M”.  Good looks mom, I guess I’ll do just that. 

I decided to loosely follow the recipe and go with what I know. I mean I’ve seen this done before, I can do this, right?!

Okay so here’s what happened….

I lined a pan to season my chicken. You can see all my seasonings in the picture, but if you don’t know what one is feel free to ask in the comments.

Next, I added all the seasonings on to chicken legs. It was what I had in my freezer and I prefer to use up things in my kitchen before I go out to buy more.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands in there and really rub those legs. If your hands aren’t stained yellow afterwards you probably weren’t aggressive enough.

Oh very very very important. Please make sure you get the right curry powder at the store. I tried to make this once three years ago and mistakenly bought Indian curry powder thinking it would still work. Make sure the container says Jamaican. The one on the right is the WRONG one. Save yourself the trouble and search for the right kind.

After that I lightly browned the chicken in oil. I over crowded my pan so I had to do some maneuvering of switching between two pans.

Here’s the chicken with a bit of an oil tan on it.

As you can see when you reach this style you’ll be happy that you really worked the seasoning on. It would’ve sucked to reach this part and have it all fall off. Also if you notice this picture has less legs than the first one. I started moving the browned pieces to my second pot that had the water going (see recipe).

I covered and allowed the chicken to cook in the water as the recipe called for. 

The chicken started to fall off the bone and was the delicious warm yellow color. My house smelled amazing.

 Oh, make sure you move all laundry and close your bedroom doors or else you’ll smell like curry for weeks. 

As the chicken is resting cook down the remaining liquid to get a gravy. 

I didn’t add any vegetables of potatoes in the beginning of the recipe as it called for. The potatoes I did have were frozen and I wanted to add it to the gravy last to ensure it didn’t disintegrate in the high heat. 

I’m a huge fan of frozen veggies. I feel like it’s fast and easy and I can make a meal for my family super quick so I always have them on hand. I decided to pull them out at this point and throw them into the pot. 

The sour cream flavor made the gravy even better. 

With curry chicken you need some sort of rice so I pulled out my frozen rice too.

The rice only takes less than 5 minutes to make and always comes out perfect.

Here’s the meal all put together. 

Can you tell which plate is my husbands? Okay, so I know it looks super sloppy and it’s not a picture from Martha Stewart, but it’s good. Like finger licking good. So good I had to get my husband to stop eating it so he’d have leftovers for the next day (which we also fought over). 

Try out the recipe and let me know what you think. Remember, if you don’t have the item sub it for something else. 



Night Crew Cravings 

I decided to visit McDonalds the other night in attempts to keep those pregnancy cravings at bay. It was my second time going there that day. I know shame on me blah blah blah.

As I pulled up to the first window I noticed the lady I seen earlier in the day before 3pm was still there around 12am. As the place was dead I decided to sit and chit chat with her. I know how rough long hours can be serving needy (and most likely rude) people. 

The next window was an older black gentleman probably in his 60s that had the biggest smile on his face. I was getting an icecream sundae and was in desperate need of as many peanut packets I could manage to snag. I matched the ol mans smile and begged him to give me more than 2 packets of nuts. Man this guy reached into their supply and pulled out the biggest handful I’ve ever been able to score from Mcdonalds. He said “you come back with that nice smile now”.

You know sir, I will. It’s wonderful to me that just being kind can get you the best things in life, like enough peanuts to make the squiggly baby in my belly happy. 


Scrape It Off

I have so much going on in life right now- and I’ve got some juicy stuff to tell you, but I can’t right now. 

Right now I want to talk about something that just messed my morning up! In case you don’t know, mornings are important because it’s the setup for the day. This may be just for me, but how my morning goes- dictates how the rest of the day will follow. 

I had a shitty morning, things didn’t go right. I spilled oats on my kitchen floor and then I couldn’t find the broom. And then there’s other crap that happened, but this isn’t what I’m going to talk about. I actually…want to do a review of something I tried.

Did you guys know that I’m a tea drinker? Have I mentioned that before? Well, in case I didn’t- I drink tea. Daily. I really enjoy it and I’m a weirdo who really doesn’t need anything in it, I enjoy the natural flavors

I opened my desk drawer and seen this guy:

Well well well. Why not? Let’s try it. 

Apparently, it’s supposed to be good for you. See all the healthy stuff listed the at the bottom?

Well I prepared my cup and took a sip. And then another. Something was wrong. This tea…tastes bad. It’s got a strong strange taste. Wanna know the worst part? The AFTERTASTE- is reminiscent…of garbage juice. Damn that’s gross. On first taste it tastes like something that could be healthy, and then the nasty pops you in your mouth. So to summarize- this tea is foul as f. 

But hey…maybe I’m crazy, try it for yourself if you dare! 
Miracle Tree – Organic Moringa Superfood Tea, 25 Individually Sealed Tea Bags, Mango


Middle Class Privilege 

Middle class privilege, what an oxymoron right? Can middle class people really live a privilege life when often times we’re living paycheck to paycheck, worried we’ll lose our job, and never on the same playing field as those 1%s?

I just moved into a new house and to my surprise the fridge had a water/ice machine. You know those ones where you can just walk up to the fridge and get filtered water? I’ve never had one in any of the houses I’ve lived in before so I was excited to have this little benefit. Except there was something wrong with it and the water would only trickle out. As annoying as it was to take 5 minutes (not even exaggerating) to fill up a red Solo cup with this filtered water, I would stand there and do so. 

Well after two weeks of squeezing every last drop of trickled water from the fridge it just stopped producing. My landlord was in the process of getting me a new filter, but I had no choice but to buy those gallons of filtered water. No problem only 88 cents I can do this for a few days. 

The water ran out quick and one night, around 2am, ya girl became thirsty and began to throw around some ideas. Tap water or apple juice? Apple juice is a bit too sweet for a night refreshening plus I already brushed my teeth. Tap water is mysterious and you never know exactly what you’re going to get. I decided to brace it out and swish around some tap water. When did I get too big to drink from the fountain? 

I woke up the next day and settled into my favorite Hulu series when out of nowhere I heard water trickling. I was worried one of my animals was peeing in the kitchen, but when I looked over I noticed my dish washer was leaking water from the bottom. I opened it to find a pool of dirty brown water filling up the bottom and both sinks backed up. 

After mopping up the water I became thirsty and began to fill up a cup from the the tap. Wait a second, I can’t drink this now with a plumbing problem going on. I quickly dumped out my cup onto the brown water below.

So I was out of my fancy fridge water, out of those Walmart gallons, and now I couldn’t even drink the tap water. 

In this time of not being able to find water to quench my thirst reality came up and slapped me. It reminded me of the people of Flint, Michigan and their struggle to get access to clean water.

I simply could change my filter, buy more water, or call a plumber because my family is in a place financially where we can and we’re in a location where we have access to those resources.

I’m privileged.

It’s different to be at this place in my life because at one point in time I had to take showers at a local gym as my home didn’t have running water.

I feel humbled, blessed, and woke knowing how much my life has changed. 

I challenge you all to reflect on your life and see where you’re privileged. Maybe if we all could just pinpoint one place in our life where we are blessed we can remember and bless those that are still trying to come up.

Apricot Glazed Brie Cheese With Walnuts 

 The other day my mom and I were talking about fondue and she mentioned how she could go for some soft, warmed, delicious Brie cheese. I wish she never even mentioned the dang thing because the craving hit me like a ton of blocks. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! 

After a long walk I ran to walmart to grab a round of Brie and decided to make apricot glazed brie with walnuts. This is something my family has been making for years, but normally we add a crescent roll on top to create a buttery flakey crust. I’m trying to be semi decent with what I put in my mouth with being 7 months pregnant so I decided to skip the extra carbs (cause I mean cheese is bad enough ….right?)

Okay so here’s what you’ll need if you want to make this delicacy that will win over any pot luck, BBQ, dinner party, etc.

Brie cheese, apricot jam, and walnuts. 

Set your oven to 350 and while you wait for it to heat up put your Brie cheese in a tin foiled pan (if you want a quick clean up) or a glass pan if you’re trying to be fancy. 

Next spread the apricot jam on top. I’m not modest with my portions so I pile the sweet goodness on top 

Really you can’t go wrong with how much you put on top. If you put extra it will melt off some and crystallize a bit which makes it almost like sweet candy with the salty milky cheese. Sweet and salty…yes please!! 

Next comes the walnuts. Honestly, if you don’t like nuts just skip it. It honestly won’t ruin it. I just started adding walnuts a few months ago because I like the added crunch.

Doesn’t it look so pretty?!

Okay, so before you dive into this (resist the temptation) pop it into the oven for about 10-15 minutes. I like mine a bit more on the toasty side so just keep an eye on yours if you don’t.

As you can see some of the jam slid off and started bubbling at the side. It’s like a dream come true to look at. The best part though is when you cut it open and the melty cheese mixes with the bubbling jam.

As you can see this dish gets pretty messy so the tin foil helps me with the clean up. If you do make this in a glass dish it will be beautiful! Not only is it delicious, but it’s a show stopper. Every time I make it people are always curious, especially if they’ve never had Brie, and it becomes a great conversation piece. 

I hope you all try it and let me know what you think!


Leave Starbucks Alone! 

Do y’all remember the “Leave Brittany Alone” guy Chris Crocker? Well he’s still making videos and has a really active and popular Facebook site that I love watching. He is silly, easy watching, and makes the best videos of him eating food.

I get great pleasure out of watching him eat food because you can really tell he’s enjoying it. About 8 weeks ago Starbucks came out with chocolate crossiants and he decided to test them out. The way he described it, the noises he was making while he ate it, and seeing the chocolate all over him just made me want one right then and there. He should seriously get paid by these companies. 

If you’re interested in watching him eat:

I decided, after watching him dive into this yummy treat, that I had to try one!

Was it everything he was making it out to be? Yup. 

My only complaint was that there wasn’t enough chocolate! There was a small pocket of it. If you look at the pictures above you can see where the chocolate is poking out, well that’s pretty much the only side the chocolate is actually on. Other than that it had me licking my fingers wishing I had another! 

Is there any food out that you’ve been wanting to try but just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Let me know and I’ll be your taste tester 😋


Time Is Money

When I was in college I used to like those cheap jugs of wine. It was all about having fun on a dime- I was poor as shit.

Well one time I got a jug, and after it was finished I rinsed it out and decided I was going to save my change. I did that for years, and then moved in with my partner who also started to contribute to the fund. It soon became our “Hawaii” fund. 

Fast forward to to this week, the jug STILL wasn’t full. I woke up this morning and decided since it’s pay day, I’m going to go to the bank and ask for $10 worth of change and see where that gets me. 

This is where it got me:


You know how when you get excited about something you start thinking crazy shit? While we were dumping it my partner asked me, “what if there was a million dollars in there?” We both laughed and laughed and laughed.

As I was rolling up pennies I was thinking…what if, there really was a million dollars? What if there’s even a couple thousand. Damn that would freakin help so much right now. 

Guess what? There was!

There was $350, I mean. Still, I am satisfied with it. But we both agreed this damn sure wouldn’t have gotten us to Hawaii!

Oh well, I think it was worth the hours of rolling change-nothing better to do on a Friday night. 

What’d you do tonight?