It’s the Little Things…

Today started out great. I woke up early and my dog was listening to me…it was sunny and I felt well rested. So I went about my normal activities…got dressed and then took my pup out and I smiled up to the sky- it was truly a good morning.  Very rare for me.

I walked back inside and finished getting myself together, adding a few extras- specifically my favorite scarf and new earrings. I turned to pack my lunch (because it was already prepped-I’m just that good) and I remembered that I left my travel coffee mug at work. That’s ok, I thought. So I opened my lunch pail and there it was! My travel mug! 

So now I’m turning on the keurig and have just finished packing my lunch. I go to twist on the cap of my travel mug and somehow the mug jerked up and coffee came out the drinking hole and landed smack on my neck and chest. It hurt, not even gonna front. BUT no coffee got on my shirt OR my scarf, how is that even possible? Great morning continues…So then I listen to my fav podcast on the way to work- make it in on time and as I walk to the entrance I see an employee holding the door open for one of my peers. I get to the door and he’s still there holding the door open for people and as I approach he steps in front of the door. 

“Can I see your badge please?”, he asks as if he’s never seen me when in fact, I’ve seen him everyday since I started-a year ago. EVERYDAY. Also, I know for a fact he’s seen me as well and we have exchanged small pleasantries when passing. 

“You need to see my badge?”, I asked confused as I just watched him let my peer walk in ahead of me- no badge and no hesitation.

“Yes, matter of fact to make it easier why don’t you take it out and put it on the scanner?”

Hmmm. How would that make anything easier? It affirms that he was not only questioning if I was an employee- but if my badge is currently active as well. Even though he has seen me everyday…so what differences were there between me and the lady who walked in before me you ask? Well, we both work in the same department, we both sit near each other, we have the same  exact role. The man who was questioning me wasn’t in our department but he works in maintenance so he’s always around. So I pull out my badge and show him and then scan it. Still thinking about why he’s doing this, it came to me. 

Oh, wait. 

She’s white.

I’m black. 

Let us know about your daily race reminders below if you want.