So I recently read an article that struck me as unusual. I can’t remember the exact title but it was marriage advice from a divorced woman. 

The article listed a bunch of things that you should and shouldn’t do to keep your marriage. What struck me as unusual- was that it was all common sense stuff. Tell your man he looks good, don’t bash him in public, be intimate. 

I’m just wondering, what kind of world do we live in where we have to be reminded to do or not do these things? Don’t bash your husband in public? Really?

My mother always told me to treat people how I want to be treated, and that is how I try to carry myself in all aspects, including my relationship. 



Rainy Days and Ruined Pizza

Rainy days call for being lazy, eating food you didn’t prepare, and binge watching Netflix. It’s not a time to be productive, but a time to open up your window and listen to the melody of the rain hitting the group. It’s lovely.

I decided to order pizza because my 4 day old doughnuts weren’t cutting it. Around the 3rd day doughnuts are still delicious yet unrewarding. 

The pizza arrived pretty fast and I was excited to dive in. I flipped open the box expecting to see a warm, cheesy, crusty pie topped with onions but instead my pie had the circle of doom.

The circle of doom – when the middle of the pizza box strips all the cheese and pride from your pizza leaving it partially naked and ashamed. 

Be honest. Doesn’t this pizza just look miserable? It’s one thing if the side of the pizza is messed up because then you can just eat around it, but the circle of doom ensures that every slice is messed up! EVERY SLICE!!!!

So what’d I do?

I called the pizza place and complained. Yes, I’m petty, but imagine how weird second day pizza is going to taste when half the slice is naked. At that point I’d just have to cut the slice to where the fun begins which really leaves me with half a pizza. Thankfully, they gave me credit to my next order! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

 So we’ll be ordering again tomorrow. Just kidding, that’s excessive.