Night Treats

I’ve got some weird Cinderella type of thing going on. When the clock hits 2am I go from ordinary girl to a knock off version of Martha Stewart. I was texting my girls when one of them stated that they just made crepes. Oh goodness I wish she never said it. As soon as the text came across the screen I was opening up google and looking up how to make me some. 

I sat in bed for a good five minutes debating if it was a proper time to be eating crepes. But then I remember I’m an adult and I can eat whatever I want when I want. Yay for adulting! 

I found a pretty basic crepe recipe online and cut it in half. There’s no need to make a million crepes when really I just want a few bites to satisfy this craving. 

My crepes came out kinda ugly, but incredibly delicious. 

This is probably the second time I’ve ever made them and I’d have to say it was easier than instant pancakes. I will for sure be making these again.

I wonder what I’ll be making tomorrow at 2am? 



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