2am Cravings

There’s something special about Facebook at 2am. All of a sudden you click on one post that takes you to another and so on until you’re watching a video about a talking turtle. You have no idea how you got there, how much time you just wasted, or what else is going on in the world. It’s like it’s own world.

As I was sucked into this world the other night I came across a post.

A simple post about toast. 

Except this post somehow stuck it’s claws in me and demanded that I go most toast. Looking at the time creeping towards 2am I figured it was a bad idea to make such a sugary treat. 

Yet, minutes later I found myself standing in my dark kitchen hovering over my glowing toaster. 

Ah the warmth a toaster can provide on a cold night.

Somehow my toast came out nothing like the picture. I think I was a bit heavy handed on the cinnamon. Guess my coordination slows down sometime after 10pm. 

Looking at that toast now makes me giggle. Mine looks all crusty and dirty compared to the Facebook photo. Nonetheless it was still delicious. 

Has Facebook made you crave anything lately? Leave it in the comments! 



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