Don’t Compare

If you’re relatively active on Facebook you’ve seen some articles floating around about pregnant women working out. 

If not here’s the link:

As you can see some of these women are super far along and they are doing some major work in the gym. After a few well meaning people sent me this article I began to think about my gym life. 

Before I was pregnant I would run a few times a week. Anywhere from 3-6 miles. However, I stopped working out shortly after I got pregnant. I suffered with extreme morning sickness for 18 weeks. After that I slowly began to work up my strength to be able to even do simple tasks around the house. 

Now, coming closer to the end of this journey, I received this article and it made me want to push myself to do more. Except, I took it to the extreme. I joined up with my family in doing Fitbit challenges and decided I had to win. Winning with my family means putting in at least 3 miles a day. Which may not seem like a lot, but when you’re already waddling like a penguin it’s a pretty big deal.

So, I bit off more than I could chew and would walk around constantly in trying to beat out my completion.

I ended up walking 19 miles that week and ultimately my body suffered. My hips began to burn, my back was thrown out, I was exhausted, and my feet hurt. Which is probably normally pains from working out hard, but when you’re already pregnant adding more to my plate was just too much. 

I learned that it’s best not to compare my pregnancy journey to anyone else’s. I think those women that can go out there and beast in the gym are awesome. I also think that momma sitting on the couch just trying to make it through is a rock star too. Pregnancy is a lot on the body in general and every woman going through it should take the time to pat herself on the back for coming this far. 

I will continue to try to maintain an active lifestyle throughout the remainder of my pregnancy, but I will also keep in mind that I’m amazing without having to try so hard. This was a reminder on how much God loves me and I don’t need to prove anything. 



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