Night Crew Cravings 

I decided to visit McDonalds the other night in attempts to keep those pregnancy cravings at bay. It was my second time going there that day. I know shame on me blah blah blah.

As I pulled up to the first window I noticed the lady I seen earlier in the day before 3pm was still there around 12am. As the place was dead I decided to sit and chit chat with her. I know how rough long hours can be serving needy (and most likely rude) people. 

The next window was an older black gentleman probably in his 60s that had the biggest smile on his face. I was getting an icecream sundae and was in desperate need of as many peanut packets I could manage to snag. I matched the ol mans smile and begged him to give me more than 2 packets of nuts. Man this guy reached into their supply and pulled out the biggest handful I’ve ever been able to score from Mcdonalds. He said “you come back with that nice smile now”.

You know sir, I will. It’s wonderful to me that just being kind can get you the best things in life, like enough peanuts to make the squiggly baby in my belly happy. 



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