Middle Class Privilege 

Middle class privilege, what an oxymoron right? Can middle class people really live a privilege life when often times we’re living paycheck to paycheck, worried we’ll lose our job, and never on the same playing field as those 1%s?

I just moved into a new house and to my surprise the fridge had a water/ice machine. You know those ones where you can just walk up to the fridge and get filtered water? I’ve never had one in any of the houses I’ve lived in before so I was excited to have this little benefit. Except there was something wrong with it and the water would only trickle out. As annoying as it was to take 5 minutes (not even exaggerating) to fill up a red Solo cup with this filtered water, I would stand there and do so. 

Well after two weeks of squeezing every last drop of trickled water from the fridge it just stopped producing. My landlord was in the process of getting me a new filter, but I had no choice but to buy those gallons of filtered water. No problem only 88 cents I can do this for a few days. 

The water ran out quick and one night, around 2am, ya girl became thirsty and began to throw around some ideas. Tap water or apple juice? Apple juice is a bit too sweet for a night refreshening plus I already brushed my teeth. Tap water is mysterious and you never know exactly what you’re going to get. I decided to brace it out and swish around some tap water. When did I get too big to drink from the fountain? 

I woke up the next day and settled into my favorite Hulu series when out of nowhere I heard water trickling. I was worried one of my animals was peeing in the kitchen, but when I looked over I noticed my dish washer was leaking water from the bottom. I opened it to find a pool of dirty brown water filling up the bottom and both sinks backed up. 

After mopping up the water I became thirsty and began to fill up a cup from the the tap. Wait a second, I can’t drink this now with a plumbing problem going on. I quickly dumped out my cup onto the brown water below.

So I was out of my fancy fridge water, out of those Walmart gallons, and now I couldn’t even drink the tap water. 

In this time of not being able to find water to quench my thirst reality came up and slapped me. It reminded me of the people of Flint, Michigan and their struggle to get access to clean water.

I simply could change my filter, buy more water, or call a plumber because my family is in a place financially where we can and we’re in a location where we have access to those resources.

I’m privileged.

It’s different to be at this place in my life because at one point in time I had to take showers at a local gym as my home didn’t have running water.

I feel humbled, blessed, and woke knowing how much my life has changed. 

I challenge you all to reflect on your life and see where you’re privileged. Maybe if we all could just pinpoint one place in our life where we are blessed we can remember and bless those that are still trying to come up.


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