Apricot Glazed Brie Cheese With Walnuts 

 The other day my mom and I were talking about fondue and she mentioned how she could go for some soft, warmed, delicious Brie cheese. I wish she never even mentioned the dang thing because the craving hit me like a ton of blocks. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! 

After a long walk I ran to walmart to grab a round of Brie and decided to make apricot glazed brie with walnuts. This is something my family has been making for years, but normally we add a crescent roll on top to create a buttery flakey crust. I’m trying to be semi decent with what I put in my mouth with being 7 months pregnant so I decided to skip the extra carbs (cause I mean cheese is bad enough ….right?)

Okay so here’s what you’ll need if you want to make this delicacy that will win over any pot luck, BBQ, dinner party, etc.

Brie cheese, apricot jam, and walnuts. 

Set your oven to 350 and while you wait for it to heat up put your Brie cheese in a tin foiled pan (if you want a quick clean up) or a glass pan if you’re trying to be fancy. 

Next spread the apricot jam on top. I’m not modest with my portions so I pile the sweet goodness on top 

Really you can’t go wrong with how much you put on top. If you put extra it will melt off some and crystallize a bit which makes it almost like sweet candy with the salty milky cheese. Sweet and salty…yes please!! 

Next comes the walnuts. Honestly, if you don’t like nuts just skip it. It honestly won’t ruin it. I just started adding walnuts a few months ago because I like the added crunch.

Doesn’t it look so pretty?!

Okay, so before you dive into this (resist the temptation) pop it into the oven for about 10-15 minutes. I like mine a bit more on the toasty side so just keep an eye on yours if you don’t.

As you can see some of the jam slid off and started bubbling at the side. It’s like a dream come true to look at. The best part though is when you cut it open and the melty cheese mixes with the bubbling jam.

As you can see this dish gets pretty messy so the tin foil helps me with the clean up. If you do make this in a glass dish it will be beautiful! Not only is it delicious, but it’s a show stopper. Every time I make it people are always curious, especially if they’ve never had Brie, and it becomes a great conversation piece. 

I hope you all try it and let me know what you think!



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