Time Is Money

When I was in college I used to like those cheap jugs of wine. It was all about having fun on a dime- I was poor as shit.

Well one time I got a jug, and after it was finished I rinsed it out and decided I was going to save my change. I did that for years, and then moved in with my partner who also started to contribute to the fund. It soon became our “Hawaii” fund. 

Fast forward to to this week, the jug STILL wasn’t full. I woke up this morning and decided since it’s pay day, I’m going to go to the bank and ask for $10 worth of change and see where that gets me. 

This is where it got me:


You know how when you get excited about something you start thinking crazy shit? While we were dumping it my partner asked me, “what if there was a million dollars in there?” We both laughed and laughed and laughed.

As I was rolling up pennies I was thinking…what if, there really was a million dollars? What if there’s even a couple thousand. Damn that would freakin help so much right now. 

Guess what? There was!

There was $350, I mean. Still, I am satisfied with it. But we both agreed this damn sure wouldn’t have gotten us to Hawaii!

Oh well, I think it was worth the hours of rolling change-nothing better to do on a Friday night. 

What’d you do tonight?



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