Starbucks My Love

When I was in nursing school I went to Starbucks probably twice a day. It was my way of relaxing, have a good coffee, and reminding myself that I’m still human. It was my place of Zen. 

I’m not sure what cost more: my books every semester or my Starbucks charges.

Now that school is over I haven’t gone that many times and it makes me sad. It’s almost like having a best friend you love very much, but you’re just too busy to see as much as you used to. Kind of like an old college roomie that you were once inseparable from, but now college is over. 

Today I’ve decide to visit my old friend! I have a star reward and thought it’s time to treat myself. Although now I can’t ask for a Venti with 10 shots as I used to (I’m sure baby wouldn’t appreciate so much caffeine and sugar in one beverage). 

This is where you all come in! What should I spend my star reward on. I’m looking for something that is high value and delicious. Let me know in the comments. 



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