Pregnant Minds Speak Honest Thoughts

All my life I’ve always been the type of girl to holdback in a fight. Always careful not to hurt someone’s feelings and to sugar coat the truth. I’d go out of my way to make others feel good before I took care of myself.

Then I got pregnant….and it all changed.

My pregnancy has not been the peaches and cream that I always imagined it be. It’s been hell. Think of all the worst symptoms that you can find on WebMd and I’ve had them all. At one point I was stuck in bed for so long my muscles began to waste away. It’s been rough.


When you haven’t taken a shower in four days (because you’re too weak to stand), have the taste of stomach acid in your mouth, and experiencing stabbing cramps (from the Zofran you’ve been eating like skittles) the last thing you want to do is deal with some bull shit.

My fuse has become incredibly short and in result I’ve become brutally honest.

If you’re calling me to complain that your (pretty good of a guy) husband forgot to wash the dishes last night while I’m in the middle of puking…I may tell you to stop being so demanding.


I knew from TV and movies that some women get moody during pregnancy, but I never thought I’d be one of them. Being so sick has just put things into perspective for me and maybe that I spent too much of my time trying to get people to like me.

I’ve spent too much time enabling people to complain about the small things in life instead of setting a boundary.

In a way I’m thankful that I’ve found my voice as a woman. It was the weirdest way to find it, in the midst of puking ginger ale, but God works in mysterious ways.

I wanted to make sure I wrote this to give you all a bit of a heads up on how the next bunch of my posts are going to go. They’re going to be a bit more bold and sassy,  but I can guarantee you’ll enjoy the stories I have to tell!



2 thoughts on “Pregnant Minds Speak Honest Thoughts

  1. I recently had a tiff with a VERY outspoken friend that never thinks twice about what she says or how she says it.
    I’m also usually the timid, quiet one that keeps her opinions to herself and just smiles and nods. And this time she challenged me in her very assertive way, and I snapped right back. Her mouth literally fell open and she asked me why I’m being so mean. I replied, “I’m just talking to you the way you talk to me.”
    She’s still angry with me…
    People can never take what they dish out! But I also love my more confident pregnancy brain, speaking it’s mind!

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