My Memory

Something happened tonight that brought me back to a memory. I was walking my dog outside and it was cold. New York winter cold. I live behind a highway  and can somewhat see it from the backyard. I was looking around because the stars were so bright and that’s when I heard a screeching from the highway. 

A car slid for a good minute before it slammed into what must have been another car. It was so quiet out I could hear the glass break. I felt so helpless in that moment. I didn’t know if I should drive and help or if it was just something small. The crash was so loud though. I can’t help but wonder if the roads were just slippery, or maybe they were going too fast, or maybe the other car suddenly broke down.

I got back into my house and went to my bed. I cried. The anxiety in me, yanking at me and there’s nothing I can really do. I just hope everyone was ok. 

Almost exactly a year ago I was in an accident and I’m still in physical pain. And clearly after tonight, it’s something that still mentally haunts me as well.