Requesting 12 Days

I’m requesting 12 additional days off per year.

Ok, not really-but I think all women should get an additional 12 days off per year. It should be 1 day per month, specifically- the first day of your period. 

I’m sitting here in pain. My back hurts, there’s an aching soreness. My head hurts, my neck hurts. I have cramps, my cramps make me feel like I constantly have to go poo. It hurts to sit in my stupid rolly chair. My ponytail hurts. I can feel each strand of hair pulling and pinching at my scalp. I’m sweating. I want to cry.

I get the logistics and how complicated this would be, I can already hear all the arguements against it. What if the woman doesn’t get her period, what if she doesn’t get it every month, what if it comes twice a month, blah blah blah. 

The point is, I’m in pain. If a man dealt with monthly ball pain that made going through daily motions very uncomfortable they would get my vote. 1 day a month. I think it’s reasonable.

And I’m not stupid, I understand women have been working through this for centuries and we are strong and blah blah blah. But WHY should we have to? Just because we can make it through and have done it like this forever doesn’t make it right. 

Ok, I’m done. Back to wallow in my pain.



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