Quick Reflection

Hey. I know it’s been awhile again…life has been too real lately. 

But I have some time on my hands today, I’m home sick chilling with the porcelain throne 🚽. So I wanted to take the time to reflect on this last year or 2 and specifically something I’ve noticed.


Over the last couple of years my relationship with many of my friends has changed. Best friends became acquaintances, acquaintances became great friends, and I’ve just lost some all together along the way. 

I’m pretty sure my sister attacked this in a previous post but it’s important to reflect on sometimes. When someone wants to be your friend and you’re important to them, they make time for you. Plain and simple. You don’t have to be up each other’s asses or talk everyday, but be recognized.

The older I get the more I weed out unnecessary drama and 💩. If you can’t make time to be my friend, you don’t get to be upset when I don’t consider you a friend anymore. When you make the time to be my friend and reach out, I reciprocate and make sure you know you’re my friend and are appreciated. 

Here’s a quick test to show you who your friends are: check you texts or voicemails…are the people you consider friends taking the time to ACTUALLY BE YOUR FRIEND?

Are you reaching out and conversation is one-sided?

Life happens, everything is crazy. Work is overwhelming, bills are overwhelming, kids are overwhelming, home is overwhelming. But life is too short, if you value someone- let them know. If it’s not working out….

(Photos Tumblr)


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