The Metamorphosis 

Well well well, I have begun a new workout program. I know, no surprise there. It’s the Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson, specifically the omnicentric program. For those of you who don’t know, that means when you gain weight you do it all over and get round like a ball. I often lovingly refer to myself as Short Round, like the Indiana Jones sidekick. 

I have been so tired of doing these workout programs created by men, and figured one created by a woman would be more considerate of how I move. How I move means when I do these programs I’m not flying around like a maniac with my boobs trying to run in the opposite direction.

So fast forward and I completed the first week, it seems to be low impact but definitely challenging which was exactly what I was looking for. Also one of the nice features of the program is that I can opt not to listen to the background music and I can just opt to hear her voice. The terrible techno music played during all workout videos kill me and I usually mute them and then at some point fall out of sync. 

Also, I’m super proud of myself because this is my longest workout streak in 7 months due to some of life’s complications, but anyways-yay me!

I’ll post an update on how it’s going in a few weeks.



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