Goodbye Nine West

I’ve been exploring Texas lately and decided to hit up Arlington. After a long drive to get there, my friend and I decided to try out one of their local bars.

After a few hours of dancing we were exhausted and began the journey back home. As we get into the car I looked down and the seam of my right shoe was coming apart. I didn’t put much thought i to it because seams are pretty easy to fix.

We began chit chatting when I crossed my legs and noticed my shoe flop. I looked down again and the whole platform of my Nine West shoe was hanging!!!! 

My beautiful, sexy Nine West shoes went from expensive to tacky in seconds. I got out of the car and tried to hobble into the house with one shoe intact and the other one flopping in the wind. So not cute.

Interestingly enough, it was really cool to see what the inside of a shoe looks like.



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