Kayaking Through The World

For our anniversary my husband and I decided to skip a fancy dinner and to hit the waters.

We recently just bought a beautiful kayak and decided to put it to use. We have many lakes around our area and decided to go from lake to lake checking out the local fishing spots. We fished all last summer and we were hoping this kayak would be a game changer in the amount of fish we pulled up.

Although we didn’t catch anything, we had a great time crusing through the water and sun bathing. I can’t wait to get back out there again.

Another plus is that my muscles are bulging today! I love exercise that are efficient, fun, and easy.

The kayak is so big that half way through the trip I decided to take a little nap on the back half. I woke up though when a huge fish jumped out of the water a foot from our boat and started going crazy in the water! Below are a couple of pictures from the day 



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