Graduation Crashers

Have you ever seen that movie Wedding Crashers? Two handsome bachelors show up to random weddings and party like rock stars. Partaking in the free booze, food, and ladies. They were living the dream.

Today, I crashed a graduation party. My friends friend invited her to her daughters graduation party and since I’m visiting I got to tag along.

It was a little bit akward walking into a party where no one knows you and you don’t know anyone. 

Except, they had some good food so it didn’t bother me too much. I left with the hardest stomach after I packed a 3 course meal into my stomach.

And I left with a treat for later! I will say although the situation was a tad bit akward I really enjoyed getting to meet new people and being a little bit adventurous.

I can see why it would be a thing to crash graduations/weddings. 



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