Negativity In My Mouth

I like to eat food. I really like sitting somewhere quiet while I’m eating so I can focus on my meal and the flavors embossing my mouth. It’s really a hobby of mine.

The other day I was in a cafeteria and this young lady was really enjoying her meal. She had some sort of a juicy looking burger that really seemed to be giving her pleasure. It makes me happy to see other people happy. I also love to eat other people’s food with my eyes. So the lady and I were really enjoying her lunch.

As this lady and I were about to finish her meal another young lady came by and sat down next to her. You know I’m noisy so I decided to listen in.

The burger eating gal’s friend asked her where she got the burger and our burger girl excitedly answered back.

The new girl gave a disgusted look and as loud as possible said “Oh! That place is DISGUSTING!”. Our burger girl’s face instantly dropped as well did the burger from our hands.

Feeling like I just ate this burger myself I felt pretty hurt that this lady not only insulted the meal, but attempted to embarrass this girl in front of the whole cafeteria. How rude.

I constantly feel confused as to how others feel like their reactions and responses to people are appropriate. There is a time and a place for everything. This was not one of those times.

I know I’m a sensitive girl, but I would honestly feel nasty if someone said something like that about my food, especially after I already ate majority of it. As women we already have a struggle with allowing ourselves that cheat meal. Let’s be supportive of each other and find better ways to express our feelings without making others uncomfortable.




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