Covered in Acne Yet Still Perfect

For the longest time now I’ve lived with acne. It started around when I was 12 with vicious splotchy red blemishes and a forehead that looked like a page from a braille book. To make matters worse I had glasses, braces, and close to 6 feet tall. I looked super awkward.

As I got older I learned how to pop contacts in, my teeth became straighter, and my acne became less vicious and settled into its own groove. Overall I now think I’m beautiful, not because my blemishes corrected itself, but because I began to love myself and all my flaws.

I still have “adult acne” which for the longest I was just hoping it was left over adolescent acne waiting to flee my face and retire. Except, it stayed. Plus, all my old teenage acne that has gone away has left me memories all over my face. In their place is little pigmented scars all over my cheeks and forehead with the occasional pock mark. Instead of feeling upset about it though I just think of them as my battle scars. Overall, I like my complexion and don’t think much of it.

What really weirds me out though is when I go to beauty stores and the first products they want to show me is acne cover ups, weird solutions to acidify my marks away, or weird pastes to put on top of them.

Hold up Lady, I came in here for some lipstick, not acid.

I get it, people are trying to make their sales, help a girl out, but if I don’t ask for help, it’s probably best to not come up and start suggesting products to me. I’m okay with my face and I think some people are more bothered or concerned about it than I am. After I leave those stores it gets me thinking, “wait, is there something wrong with my face?”. But, it’s crazy talk and it’s so easy to let lies of “you’re not good enough” or “you’re not perfect enough” to seep into my mind and take root.

So I usually take a good look at my face and remind myself that God spent so much time creating me and that I’m beautiful flaws and all.

I would hate being the person that had to point at others flaws and uniqueness in order to sell a product. If they have to be so critical of others, I wonder how they feel about themselves? It’s like muscle memory. If you think or do something all day, it’s bound to stay with you and you’ll end up doing that thing without even having to think about it. That’s why it’s so important to cut off those bad, ugly thoughts about yourself and replace them with the truth as to not make a habit of insulting yourself without even being cognizant of it.

Treat yourself nice, even when others are trying to plant seeds of hate within your heart.




3 thoughts on “Covered in Acne Yet Still Perfect

    1. You’re right, sometimes it’s really hard to feel presentable when you have a major break out going on. I have many times stayed home because I didn’t feel pretty enough to be around other people. My husband would come home from a party and tell me about all the fun he had. When all I did was stayed at home, felt miserable, cried, and threw myself a pity party. Sometimes the hardest and bravest thing you can do is to put your negative feelings aside and let joy in. Thank you for reaching out and I hope you find joy in your day!

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