RIP Keurig

Something really shitty happened to me recently, my keurig died. Now I don’t actually mean it broke, is not working, unfixable or anything like that. I mean she is dead to me.

So here’s what happened: It was Sunday. On Sunday’s I make a huge breakfast and then have a delish cup of coffee to go with it. So I made the breakfast and then noticed my coffee maker was out of water. So I go to fill it and it looks like sea monkeys are swimming in the tank. Wtf.

So I rinse it, descale it and even google it to figure out what’s going on. According to my google research, the Keurig which has a tank of sitting water, eventually attracts mold. When I looked at the very bottom of the tank, trapped UNDER the mesh part was mold that after descaling 3 times was still there. Also, there’s no way to get to that mesh part. So it’s over. 

While it’s been a good couple years…F U KEURIG.  You ruined my Sunday.



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