Stiletto Heeled Girl In A Country World

There’s a tradition us New Yorkers have. When it’s time to go out for a night of fun, we dress to impress. We put on our nicest dresses, highest stilettos, and do our make up to the nines. If your feet don’t hurt by the end of the night, you’re not doing something right


Now, I’m a New Yorker transplanted in Texas trying to adapt to the Western culture. My best friend and I decided to go out to a Country Club last night and my oh my did we stick out like a sore thumb.

As we walked through the parking lot in our little black dresses, click clacking in our stilettos, we noticed that all the girls around us were shuffling around in country boots with little booty shorts on. My friend and I instantly felt out of place and she stated, “well, we sure don’t look like we’re from around here”. Man, was she right about that.

I braced myself as I walked into the building, waiting for someone to make a rude comment (mind you I’m a New Yorker, I expect some sort of hostility from others) and not a single person even gave us a side eye. I instantly felt welcomed. That’s one thing I really like about Southern folks, they really know how to make others feel comfortable and they know how to party with everyone.

After a few hours, my friend pulled me on the dance floor and we were doing some sort of line dances. As I tried to shuffle from left to right, I kept sliding on the floor bumping into the folks concentrating on their “kick, step, hop” groove. I couldn’t help but laugh because I was like Bambi on ice.


Overall, this New Yorker had a great time hanging with the country folks. One thing I love about my life is that I’ve had the opportunity to see many different people and experience numerous different cultures.



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5 thoughts on “Stiletto Heeled Girl In A Country World

  1. This is a great read. The transition from city life to the country life must be different for you! I wouldn’t know, I’ve always lived in cities. Though, where I am now, people do not dress up for night outs. And I’m always overdressed! haha. i’m a travel blogger on here too! 🙂 love your blog 🙂


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