It’s Not For Me VS. Pure Shit

Tonight I was laying in bed scrolling through tumblr when I came across a Beyoncé meme. 

Not liking something is 1 thing. I completely understand anyone who says they don’t like Beyoncé- everything is not for everyone. But to say it’s shit, and then imply that your music taste is better than those who like Beyoncé? Fuckin rediculous. 

That’s one of the problems with the world today, just because you don’t like something or someone… doesnt mean you have to bash it and bash everyone who does. We wonder why there is such an increase in bullying and young people with low self esteem. It’s because if you don’t fit in- then you are cast out. 

If you don’t wear the same clothes, like the same music, aren’t the same size….and so on. We need to talk about acceptance, why is it that people feel different is bad? 

I don’t like Lana Del Rey, but I’m not going to call her music shit, and I definitely do not think my taste is better. I also don’t like Bobby Shmurda, and his music is also not shit. These people just don’t make music that appeals to me, and it’s ok. It’s ok to not like what everyone else does. Everybody in this world is unique and it’s so beautiful, why fight against that?

Bottom line is, if you don’t like Beyoncé, if you’re thinner than me, if you’re skin is a different color than mine, if you’re a vegan, if you’re pansexual, if you’re a morning person, if you love cats…we still love and respect you and you are valued. 

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(photo tumblr)


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