Step in the Name of Fat

Y’all know I’m the worst with dieting but the biggest thing is that I just won’t give up! So roughly 8 weeks ago I got an email from the Dietbet company telling me they have a new app- StepBet!

I was like what is dis!? So I checked it out and it calculated my steps for an active and hella active day and set goals for me. If I met all my goals for 8 weeks, 5 days a week then I would win back my money plus split the pot of all the losers’ money. 

Guess what y’all?

I won the f-ing bet! My step count wasn’t a huge amount since I’m normally sedentary, but it pushed me and if I do it again the steps amount will increase and really make me move my butt. 

But anyways, I did it!

Yay me!



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