Wedding Season

On Saturday I went to my first wedding of this season and it was absolutely gorgeous. Each time I’m at one of these events I’m so amazed at the staff.

Here we are, people at the reception crying, drinking, dancing and ultimately celebrating a huge life decision…. and these waiters and bartenders are so immune to it. They don’t look at the bride and groom sideways lovingly and full of joy. They’re thinking of what’s next and counting down until it’s over. 

After seeing how many wedding does a person get like this? I wonder if these people like weddings or if it actually makes them hate it. I think if my job was weddings I would hate it. 

Is there anyone who has a job that does it in their personal life/time? Are McDonald’s employees going to McDonald’s on their days off to get a meal? Do the people at Skyzone go on their days off to jump around?

I just don’t know.



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