Where Is The Love?

Readers? You there? We have something we need to talk about. 


I don’t like it. But I think that I could be looking at it the wrong way, so let me explain. My take on it, is that it is trying to be Woodstock….

I guess I just don’t understand why it can’t be its own thing, why do the people have to dress like “hippies” and make it seem like a huge flower child gathering? These celebrities and celebrity wannabes gathering to listen to music and do drugs and dress in costumes they spent 100s of dollars on to look like theyre in a different time, a different decade…

I get why anyone would want to. I just think that it’s almost poking fun at Woodstock, making it seem like a joke. Similar to blackface and Halloween. It’s fun to dress up and play make believe, but do you understand what was happening in the world at that time, what people were going through? 

 Woodstock was a time where people were actively seeking social harmony, where people were fighting for their rights, and fighting in a WAR.

 I’m not saying that there aren’t battles being fought today and shit is all gravy, but this is a mockery. 

Am I missing something?



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