Bath and Body Works Outlet Haul

I absolutely LOVE Bath and Body Works. Every time I’m in the mall I stop in and start smelling everything I can get my hands on. I’m running low on the current product I have and the Semi-Annual sale is still a month and some away. I watched numerous YouTube videos on outlet hauls and I decided I had to visit my closest outlet to see if all the chatter was worth it!

I walked into the store and I was amazed. Not only do they have amazing deals going on they also have their regular priced items within the store too. 

 During one of my previous shopping trips to a Bath and Body I found out that if you bought something and didn’t like it you can return it, with or without the recipe. If you return the product without a recipe however they will give you store credit for the lowest amount that product is currently going for. I returned about 4 products that I wasn’t feeling and got about $26 in credit!

After smelling just about everything in the store. I bought about 14 different items. It was great, almost like a mini Semi-Annual sale. I also found within a tucked in corner their lipglosses! I love their glosses, but I haven’t been able to find them in various stores I’ve visited. 

Below is a couple of picture of my haul.


 I also bought another body butter, wallflower, and flower refill that wasn’t pictured above. With my store credit and $10 off coupon I got everything for less than $50! Not bad.

I’ve been wanting to try the wallflowers for the longest time so I’ll let you all know what I think of them in a follow up post.



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