Trashy Classy

I have a certain style when I’m not at work, I like to call it trashy classy. It’s just trashy enough but then somehow I class it up. I love animal print, I love low cut shirts, and I love sheer things. I also love Blazers, cardigans, and pearls. I guess I would classify myself as borderline basic bitch.

I can’t help what I like. Recently I was shopping for an outfit for a wedding and I was texting the photos to M, she pretty quickly told me no and that I have to dress down a little. When I say dress down, I mean don’t wear something that’s gonna make people ogle me instead of the bride. I get it, that makes sense. But I was slightly sad. 

I ended up choosing a fit n flare dress that’s very classy…and then sexy lace up heels. 

Trashy Classy.

Who else has an unusual sense of style?



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