Blue Apron Vs. HelloFresh

So as I was squealing about getting my HelloFresh order delivered today, my coworker texts me and says she has a coupon for Blue Apron if I want to try it. Well hells yes I do, y’all know how we feel about free!
Now, I’m writing the beginning of this with the taste of the ginger-beef stir fry still lingering in my mouth. So good, but anways I signed up for the Blue Apron trial. First big difference, Blue Apron offers wine pairings. Brilliant. I loveeee that idea. I could have friends over for dinner and get my delivery and be set, super stress free. On the flip side, the HelloFresh website was more user-friendly. That’s pretty important to me, I’m busy as hell and don’t have time to waste trying to navigate a website. 

Flipping it again, Blue Apron shows you a month in advance what the recipes are going to be, HelloFresh only does about 2 weeks out. I’m greedy, I like to think about food. What I don’t like, is guessing. Now while Blue Apron shows me all these delicious things, the bullshit here is that they cant all be combined with each other, I get to choose 3 meals, but when I picked 1, something became unselectable. I didn’t even want the crap that wasn’t selectable but then when that choice was taken off the table I was pissed!

I’m going to fast forward here a bit to when I got the delivery Thursday. I was pretty excited and was shocked at how small the box was compared to HF.

It’s pretty useless to show you this box because there’s no way to gauge the size. Anways I opened it up, and to my horror- everything was mixed together. 

I think the one thing that HF does really well, is make everything as convenient as possible for you. It took me a bit of time to read through the recipes and try to gather the ingredients and store them seperately. So far I was pretty unimpressed with Blue Apron. After taking everything out, I realized something leaked. 

Guys, I’m not trying to make a big deal out of this….but for this kind of product I think ease, convenience, and a lack of being annoyed are pretty important.

That night I made the first recipe.

It was a pork chop recipe, and boy did it turn out beautifully. I would give it a 9 for presentation, but taste- this shit gets a 2. It was bland. There’s nothing else to say about it. 

The next 2 meals  were a fried catfish and a chicken dish. The catfish turned out bad and by the time I got to the chicken and finished it I gave up before I got to the citrus salad. The chicken was so small that I just gave them both to my partner because it made no sense…it just wasn’t enough protein. I don’t know how y’all are with cooking, but I cook often and I know that chicken thighs are already kind of small, so when I seen the package and noticed it was only slightly larger than my palm- I knew it was going to be a problem. 

 I have to admit I was pretty disappointed with Blue Apron. 

I don’t have a code to give you for Blue Apron to try it yourselves. 

If you want to try HelloFresh and get $40 off, use code ED9TQB.



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