Not So Nutty For Coconut

I’ve been reading a shitload about how great coconut oil is. I decided to take things into my own hands and test this out. Now, I’m testing this out for my hair and body- not my food. I’m sure y’all are probably tired of us writing about food…..get over it.

Anyways so first I tried it as a pre-shampoo hair moisturizer. These websites say to put it in the hair, leave it in for like an hour and then wash it out. When dry you have amazing hair. 

So I put it in and then threw it in a bun to really mash it all in. 

I’m pretty sure you didn’t need a pic of my bun but oh well.

So I let it sit, the worst was that I felt hot slime sliding down my neck. Gross.

So after the time was up I rinsed it out and then washed it and let it air dry.  I really thought it was drying pretty nicely but once fully dry, it was frizzy af.  

I’ve been trying it as a leave-in conditioner and I’m having better luck, but I’m not sold that it’s better than everything.

Anyone else have any luck?



5 thoughts on “Not So Nutty For Coconut

  1. I use it the way you did, put it in for an hour then wash hair as normal it works for me although the first couple of times i did it I’ve had to rewash my hair because the oil didn’t come out of the back but that could have been because I applied way too much x


      1. I’ve got very thick, long hair but I tend to make sure my hairs covered and every bit combed through with oil you probably would be better using more I reckon. Coconut oil has really got the condition back into my hair because I constantly bleached it blonde for like 4 years, I think it helps with split ends too x


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