Butter Bunnies

It’s exactly what you think it is! A few weeks ago, around Easter, I was telling my bestie that when I was younger my grandmother and mother bought me the best Easter present. Growing up my family has been all about butter and salt. Not sure if it’s a Polish thing or just my family’s thing, but everything gets a heaping spoonful of butter.

“Oh you have some corn on the cob? Let me get you a tablespoon of butter”.

“Oh you like butter, we’ll try it with some salt on top”.

It’s kinda our thing.

Well, no young child from a butter loving family should be without a butter sculpture on Easter. My lovely mothers bought me a Lamb sculpture made completely out of butter that was bigger than both my hands together. It was amazing. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve started with the head first or tail. Freakishly, the butter sculpture was gone in a day. I believe I actually just ate the butter with a side of bread.

My dear friend didn’t really understand the whole concept because when’s the last time you seen a child eat a buttered lamb? 

Well…she’s in luck now. I found a butter sculpture and it tickled me! 

It’s not as large or as detailed as my buttered Lamb, but it does look mighty delcious. 

For $3.28 you too could be eating butter in style. 😉



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