HelloFresh: Jamie’s Sticky Asian-Style Salmon

Hey folks! So my HelloFresh box finally came in and boy oh boy was I impressed. I’ve been showing off my pictures all day today. I was able to get my boxes at a discount and so can you! 

If you use code: ED9TQB you will get $40 off of your first box! 

I was having a really bad day when all of a sudden I got a knock on my door. To my delight it was the HelloFresh box. 

I ordered 4 meals for 2 people so the box was pretty big. As you can see my Keurig is right behind it so it should give you an idea of the box size.

I was impressed with the packaging and how everything was wrapped up. It gives you the nutrition information on the side of the box too!

So each meal was individually placed in its own box as you can see from the above picture. Under these boxes was a piece of cardboard. Under the cardboard was the meat and HUGE ice packs.

The cool thing about these ice packs is that they’re reusable. Ice packs are pretty expensive so I slipped these bad boys into my freezer for future use. The ice packs alone was probably a $20 value. 

I really like how the meat and produce was separated and everything felt nice and chilled. 

Below are pictures of the produce boxes and meats for the 4 meals. 

The box states to use the fish first, for obvious reasons, so I took out the ingredients to make Jamie’s Sticky Asian Style Salmon.

Let me start by saying this was a recipe I would’ve never tried. It called for a lot of lime juice and I’m not one to experiment with different flavors. It actually turned out incredible and I would make this again.

I won’t go step by step over the recipe because that would take the fun out of it when you try to make it. I will say that it was pretty simple, especially for someone like me that rarely cooks. Below are some of the pictures showing the steps I took and what the inside of the produce box looked like.

HelloFresh said to cook your rice the traditional way, but I always ruin brown rice when I boil it. I used my rice cooker for this step.

The salmon didn’t call for any seasonings to be added to it, but I couldn’t help myself. Next time I’ll follow the recipe to a T.

Okay, give me a drum roll because I’m about to show you the my masterpiece 


Pretty freaking close to the picture of you ask me! #perfect #imthebomb

I was weirded out about eating pickled cucumbers with Salmon. I was very hesitant putting the first bite into my mouth, but the flavor profile did a spinning backflip in my mouth and tasted so good my momma probably screamed out! 

It was delcious and I ate every bite. I would honestly give HelloFresh a 10/10. I honestly have 0 complaints with the product, taste, and customer service with this company. I will for sure be ordering again with them.

When you try HelloFresh come back here and let me know what you thought. Once again, I’m offering a $40 coupon off of your first box using code: ED9TQB



4 thoughts on “HelloFresh: Jamie’s Sticky Asian-Style Salmon

    1. Sorry to hear that. Let me try to trouble shoot it with you. I know that you can only add one code to each order so if you have any other discounts it will boot out the code. For reference the code is ED9TQB. If that one still doesn’t work for you, please try my sisters code TVJCDC. She too has tried and written about HelloFresh and is also offering the same $40 off deal! Let us know how it goes for you.


  1. Thanks for this review Jamie, it was nice and detailed. I recommend anyone looking for Australian alternatives to Hello Fresh (this is one of the search results here) to have a look here: https://comparemeals.com.au/ (I am a founder). We can show users all services that deliver meal kits to any postcode and filter based on dietary needs and criteria like price. We also have summaries for each service, for example see: (https://comparemeals.com.au/supplier/liteneasy)We would appreciate feedback or comments, so please just let us know!

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