Free HelloFresh Boxes

A was kind enough to send me some free boxes through a HelloFresh promo! 👏🏽👏🏽 

That means I get about $60 worth of gourmet food for free! The cool thing about this program is that they offer you the option to upgrade to get another meal for two people for only $4 more. #winning 

As you can see from above I got $84 worth of food for less than $5.

So, I was a bit confused on how to pick your meals and A refused to help me. 😭 I almost give up on my free food, but there’s nothing like getting food delivered to your door. If you’re confused, and you will be, read the Faqs. 

Next, I got to pick my delcious meals. Here’s what I’m getting.

I’m really pumped for the stir fry and salmon. But, they only gave 5 choices for the week and I’m kind of disappointed with the options. My husband won’t eat a meal of meat isn’t included so I might have to add some beef to the Penne Arrabbiata. Other than that, I’m pretty satisfied with HelloFresh…so far. I will say their website could be a little bit more user friendly. 

If you want to try out HelloFresh and get $40 off your first box use code: ED9TQB

Please follow and stay tuned for reviews on my first box!



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