Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply: Starbucks Coffee

I honestly tried to give it up. I went all the way down to a half of a cup and if I drank anymore I’d get the coffee shakes. 

Then life kicked back into high gear and my lovely Keurig started working over time. At least I gave it some sort of spring vacation. 

I’m now back to a cup before I speak in the morning to one later in the day when the afternoon blues hits.

Except, my coffee just isn’t doing it for me anymore. I slurp the bad boy down like its Apple Juice and sometimes make another cup just to wash down the first. 

I legit think I just need to get a part time job at Starbucks so I can get some sort of deal on my java. But then again don’t get high on your own supply right? My coworkers would find me sipping off the top of our customers frappucinos. 

Someone’s got to taste test it, right? 

If you have any suggestions for some store bought coffee I can try let me know in the comments. I’ll grab it, do a review, and reference you! 


*Pic meme generator 


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