99 Problems But My Plumbing Ain’t 1

It started 2 weeks ago, I was taking a shower and felt a very weird sensation on my ankles- it was water. Not just shower water, but the tub was filling up. Wtf. So I do what everyone would do- i ignored it and pretended it didn’t happen. 

Few days after that my partner and I were talking and the plumbing issue was mentioned, and I was like “yea it sucks”.  We continue on like this until the weekend when I gave in and bought some dollar store drain shit. I put it on the table and figured it would happen when it happened- of course most likely NOT by me. 

Fast forwarding to today, I wake up and go into the bathroom and can’t help but notice black chunks in the tub and it’s absolutely filthy. No clue what happened but I was like “oh hell nah” and grabbed the comet. I sprinkled it and continued on with my day, figuring I would do it right before I would shower. 

So my partner comes home and brings in some acid shit for the tub. We talk again and I casually mention the state of the tub I woke up to when the reply was “oh yea that was me, I used the plunger on the tub” 😷. Gross. But anways we do BOTH drain products and walk away to eat and catch a flick. My partner goes to check on it and yells for me to come here. I rush to the shower to see what happened and it was all clear! Yippee I exclaim- that’s when the news was broken to me, we had the drain closed.

Moral of the story- don’t be a dumbass



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