Thrift Store Grannies

I’ve been trying to up my style game lately because most of my clothes are either juvenile or worn out. I’m tired of people telling me I have holes in the back of my shirt. I always play it off like I’m shocked even though I know that hole has been there for a month. “Oh no, a hole! I can’t believe it”

I’m pretty cheap and I can’t stand to pay full retail prices for clothing. So, I hit up my favorite thrift store.

 I was going up and down the blouse section getting frustrated that I couldn’t find one good shirt. I hate when I have some money to spend and I can’t find one single thing. This very kind granny comes up to me and asks if I like this maroon blouse. It was probably the BEST blouse in the store. It was long, bohemian, had open shoulders, a nice neckline, some draw strings, and was in perfect condition. She told me she was worried it was too young for her. 

Honestly, it was like one of those magical blouses that would like amazing on anyone. I despartely wanted to tell her it would look hideous and to put it back, so that I could steal it later. But, I couldn’t. The color looked great with her skin tone and I could tell that she would rock it! She looked very excited about pulling off something trendy and what kind of woman would I be not to build up my fellow lady? 

I told her that she would look beautiful and that she found the best blouse in the store. She was so excited. I really really wanted that shirt and it took everything out of me to not steal it from her cart! 

We both kept working down the aisle rattling through the bundles of clothes when she stopped me once again. She held up the most colorful, weirdly put together blouse and asked me what I thought. 

“Uh, it’s very colorful” I said. I didn’t know if this was a joke or not so I didn’t want to say anything that would hurt her feelings. She got the biggest smile on her face and said “This shirt would look great with your dark hair”. 

Say what? 😧 The only time I would ever wear this bright shirt would be Halloween. I politely said “oh, no thanks, to many colors for me”.

I love going to thrift stores because the grannies become my instant best friends trying to help me find some bomb outfits. I wish this granny would’ve picked out something a bit more tasteful for me, but I appreciate her effort. 

Overall I got 5 blouses and 5 pairs of shoes for $60. Not bad. And no, one of those blouses was not the grannies maroon one! 



2 thoughts on “Thrift Store Grannies

  1. Some of the wealthiest people shop at thrift stores. You ask why??? Because that’s how they continue to stay wealthy……..signed the The Thrifty Queen.


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