Funky Funky Raisins

Raisins should’ve been on that list I made a week or so ago. I absolutely despised raisins growing up. Now, I know my mom was just trying to pack me a healthy lunch but when I opened that lunch bag and spotted that funky ass box of raisins, I would slam dunk them in the trash like Lebron. Nothing but net.

You open the box and stick your finger in and it’s a sticky mess of crusty, shriveled, stale raisins. Some were hard and like a little sugar bomb, while others were soft and strangely mushy. Wtf. 

Now that I’m a big girl, sometimes a raisin is all the sweetness I can get. I find myself eating something and a raisin is in it and I actually let out a “mmmm”. This being healthy thing is hard. What kind of a world is this where people are forced to enjoy raisins!?

My struggle



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