They Tried to Feed Me Puppy Chow!

Went to lunch today and it was one of those places where you point to what you want and they pack it up for you. I usually love these types of places. Food that’s fast and warm. My type of joint.

The place I went to had some knock of General Tsaos and it legit looked like puppy chow. It wa slimy, looked kind of grey, and had weird chunks of meat in it. My stomach hurt just looking at it. My stomach began to bubble and I could just hear it begging me not to eat this garbage. 

I wish I snapped a picture of this trash for you all so you could get the full picture out how disgusting it was. So vile I almost wanted to ask who was in charge of cooking. It was about to turn into Hell’s Kitchen! 

My lunch will not be a granola bar

– M

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