Clarisonic Miaaaaaa

A few weeks ago my bestie and I were having drinks and she brought up the Clarisonic Mia 2 that she had received as a gift. She raved about how it changed her  face and she knew someone else who it helped too. Being that she’s in the medical field, when she gives me a tip I usually listen. 

I have always had acne, no matter what I tried it just never cuts it. So I thought about it and then looked it up and holy shit…$150! Oh hell naw, my pockets don’t work like that…. Also, I’m the queen of deals/eBay/Amazon, so I figured I would find a super good deal. 

I checked eBay and Amazon and spent hours on it and it was still pretty expensive for a new one, so I started thinking about buying a used one…I could just sanitize the shit out of it and of course get new brushes for it. I put in a few bids that got stomped on pretty quickly….and then low and behold I was on the wish app and I found it for a third of the price. NEW. I was ok knowing that it would take a month to get to me, I’ve been washing my face for over 20 years without it-what’s 1 more month?

Stupid me, the anticipation was driving me crazy and I was checking the shipping everyday. As I was googling it I found a site that was talking about fake ones being released on the market.

I was sad. I knew this was too good to be true, so I saved the link so when mine came I could check it against the description of the fake ones.

A billion days later it came and I ripped it open and was just in awe of this device that would make my face as radiant as Beyoncé’s.    

After I pushed the buttons 1000 times I pulled up the link and wouldn’t y’all know- it was the real deal! I guess sometimes good things do come to people who wait!

Do you have one of these? How do you like it?



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