Skinny As A Model

Went to the mall with my best Fran today and as we were about to leave when I noticed this very thin mannequin. I couldn’t believe how skinny it was! 

I decided to see how small I am compared to the mannequin and believe it or not I’m just as skinny!

As in, my arm is just as skinny as the mannequin! People wonder why little girls and women have problems with their confidence and it’s because of stuff like this. I’m an average sized girl and there’s no way that this mannequin makes me feel influenced to shop at this store. It makes me want to take the mannequin to the food court and feed her! 🍪🍩🌯 Please dial 1-800-feedher to send 10 cents a day to support this starving plastic woman. 

My friend and I figured that these pants HAD to be a double 0, but they weren’t. These pants ladies were a size 4!


I don’t understand why companies put out mannequins that aren’t a representation of their target population.



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