Butt Cheek Relief

A few months ago I went to the hospital for an emergency, and once I got back into a room they gave me a hospital gown to put on. So as I’m stripping and finally made it down to my undies, my partner looks at me in disbelief and exclaims “What are thooosee, sweatpants underwear!?”.

Now I’ll admit that they were a bit on the…comfy size. They were gray, thick and big, boyfriend cut undies. Sometimes I like to get them a size bigger so they’re protective but not trying to make an ass sandwich. Fast forward and I put the gown on, to my horror…the back doesn’t close over my ass. I’m walking to get some tests done and my sweatpants undies are on full display. They finally brought me another to cover my butt, but I’m sure people peeped what was going on. 

After that I decided I was going to go back to cute form fitting undies, but since then I’ve had some pretty annoying wedgies. I feel like my butt attempts to eat my undies. I miss my other ones. 



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