2 Sisters 1 Blog

When A and I first started this blog, we weren’t sure where or how to start. We would throw ideas around as to what our blog should be about and some topics we could discuss.

We thought we had the same vision, but we quickly found out we didn’t. A wanted a political, fun, sophisticated blog and I thought it was best to write deep pieces on daily issues with a twist of fun. 

I wanted to write a story on my personal experience with HIV testing and A thought it was not a topic that should go on our combined blog. At this point I already written the piece and I loved it. There was no way I could not post it. So I posted it, without her consent.

It was bad. I shouldn’t have done that. We should have talked it more through, but our conflict resolution skills with each other was slim to nothing. The quickest way we knew how to resolve a situation was to run in the opposite direction and ignore the situation.

A decided that she no longer wanted to be apart of our blog and that she wanted me to follow my passion and direction. I backed down off of what I wanted and told her I would delete the post if she would come back. We went on for days not sure what the future of our blog was.

Till one day A texted me and said that my story was good and that we should keep it and continue working together. That was about a year and some ago.

From this blog experience, I feel like I have really learned how to communicate with my sister in a constructive way that allows us both to be creative and have equal influence on decions.

It has really allowed me to connect to my sister, understand her better through her stories, and work towards something bigger with her. 

I’m really apperciative of this experience and I want to thank our readers for going through this journey with us!



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