The Dreaded Monday Morning. 

Of course I was running late this morning. Can I expect anything less out of a Monday?

I jumped in my car already 5 minutes late when I looked down and realized my tank was on E. Not even on E, but in the land of no return. So bad, my gas tank wouldn’t project a number for me. I vividly remember on Saturday being too lazy to fill it up and telling myself I would do it later. But, I didn’t.

So here I am already 5 minutes later wondering if I should pray that I make it to work on my empty tank or take the extra ten minutes to fill it up. 

YA girl decided to take the risk and ride straight to work. Yolo right?

Of course on the way to work I called my mom like I always do. She said “you better hope it doesn’t stop on you”. I told her “unless you’re willing to come push this car with me don’t even put those words into the world”. She laughed and laughed. I told her “top of the morning to you have a good day”. She said back “top of the gas tank to you”.

Oh Monday’s.



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