Bye Bum Ass Monday!

Mondaayyyyyyy!!!! I scream Monday in the same fashion Joan Crawford screamed “no more wire hangers” in Mommie Dearest. 

You’re alway sooo tired on Mondays because your sleep scheduled got crapped on over the weekend…you’re extra hungry from all the crap you ate that now stretched out your stomach, and people have no damn sense in every way possible. 

Today I was told the color of someone’s car was gingerale. Yup you read that correctly, gingerale.  That is not a color people! If you work in customer service you know the type of insane shit I’m talking about! And for some reason on Mondays I just can’t deal with the crazy and people are oh so extra.

But I have made it through the work day, so bye Monday you bum ass b!+€#!

Let’s all wave bye to Monday. 🖕🏾



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