Top 10 Reasons When To Kick a “Friend” to the Curb

My sister and I both have had our fair share of bad “friendships” and we’ve gotten to the point where we can identify a problem maker early on.  Here is our Top 10 list of warning signs that you should look for if you think you may have a bad “friend” on your hands.
1. Every party in your honor she shows up drunk, cries, starts a fight, or clings to you every second. – M


2. She hits on your significant other – M

3. At a BYOB she never brings, but always partakes. – M

4. She has sex on your bed. I don’t even care if it’s her husband. It’s nasty. – M

5. If you have to say “don’t tell anyone” before you say something. -M

6. Regardless of the not telling anyone disclaimer, everyone somehow finds out-A
7. He/She talks smack behind your back-A
8. Your friend doesnt stick up for you-A
9. They stand you up-A
10.They hold onto grudges-A
I think all of these are freakin brilliant to be honest and are all signs that we have seen from crappy friends. Just wanted to point out number 4 and elaborate…everyone gets a little sloppy jalopy from time to time, and doing the “do” in your friends house isnt totally unacceptable. The disresptect comes from it being on your BED. To me and my sister, our beds are clearly sacred spaces.
Lastly, you will fight with your friends, but when they hold that against you or throw a low blow or TALK SMACK BEHIND YOUR BACK! …..thats unforgivable.

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