The Smoking Pregnant Lady

The other day I went to the gas station and outside the door was a woman that looked to be about 8 months pregnant.

She must’ve been on her break because she was in uniform and very friendly with the customers as they walked in.

As I got closer to the door and this woman I noticed she had something in her hand. To my surprise, it was a cigarette!

I looked around in horror wondering if anybody else was watching this woman. She was really puffing away. It must’ve been a difficult shift for her because she was grasping that cigarette between her fingers and inhaling like her life depended on it.

For some reason I thought smoking while pregnant was illegal, but this puffing dragon lady showed me it wasn’t. 

I’m bewildered that people smoke in general knowing that it causes cancer, but why do women think it’s okay to subject their babies to that treatment too?

A mother and baby that smokes together stays together? Oh addiction.



2 thoughts on “The Smoking Pregnant Lady

  1. Well some people can’t give up their addictions even for the sake of their unborn children. As a recovering addict surrounded by other recovering and non-recovering addicts I know many people who have smoked cigarettes, drunk a lot and even taken crack and heroin while they are pregnant. Some of the babies are even born addicted to heroin and have to go through withdrawals when they are born which is horrific. The reality is that addiction is a very powerful mental illness and that you need to be very strong minded, and often enter into some kind of programme or support group, to tackle it. I was out of control, using cocaine and drinking 22 hours a day, luckily I didn’t get pregnant. I was forced into treatment by my family at the beginning of 2005 and the rehab worked I have never picked up drugs and alcohol since then.

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