If It’s Free Take Two!

A’s story today cracked me up! We were some greedy little children, but we didn’t even realize how crazy we must’ve looked. Being the youngest and most gullible A would teach me how to bat my eyes and lick my lips to get free cookies.

She’d have me practice licking my lips with the saddest face I could make. The acting class would go on for aisles as my mother stocked our cart for another week of lunches. When A deemed the look to be just right she would tell our mother that she was taking me to get a cookie. As I previously told you, I was spoiled and picky, so there was no telling me I couldn’t have a cookie and I’m sure my mom was happy to have a moment to herself.

A would take me to the bakery and like a scene from a movie we would go from the happiest girls to little starving black children that’s never seen a chocolate chip cookie before. If I tried hard enough, back then, I could even shed a few crocodile tears to really seal the deal.

After we got our cookies we would normally hit up the lunch meat section to get a piece of free cheese. 

I always take things a tad bit to the extreme and when I was little I was always over the top. My dad told me and A once, “if it’s free take two”. It’s kind of a principle I still live by today while also knowing from my dad “nothing in life is free”.

One day at BJs A and I decided to live up to our life motto of “if it’s free take two”, till the point where the BJs sample lady cut us off. I must admit we weren’t 4 and 8 anymore so having a leeching preteen and young teenager stuffing their face at your stand isn’t as cute anymore. Plus that day was more so “if it’s free take 10”. BJs wasn’t any ordinary shopping trip for our family. It was an experience. A day trip. We would take our friends and our mom would spend half the day there. I’m a growing girl and 10 samples from each stand was what I needed, okay what I wanted.

From that over indulgence I felt ashamed getting cut off and really did learn the lesson “nothing in life is free”.



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