Can I Have Some More, Please?

Growing up my sister and I were so damn greedy. Looking back I giggle about the stupid shit we would do. What’s interesting to me is that though my family wasn’t well-off, we were still fed. And that usually included seconds. 

I remember back when our main grocery store didn’t put out samples, if you were a cute kid the bakery would give you free cookies. We would waltz our asses up to the bakery and stand so close to the damn display that our noses almost touched the glass. Then we would widen our brown eyes and start licking out lips like we were starving and this free cookie was going to be our dinner. We always got our free cookie, but how desperate was that!?    

Anyways today I was sitting and this woman came to talk to me about something. I realized as I was sitting there listening to her that her eyes kept wandering over to the right of me…sitting next to me were some cookies. Now, these weren’t just any cookies…they were Girl Scouts. Specifically, samoas. Mmmm, I know. 

Now y’all know I’m on a diet but I’ve been rationing it hardcore. I’m not downing these, I will have them for months. But anyways, what was I supposed to do, was she just curious or was this her inner greedy child screaming out to me?

I didn’t give her a cookie, I think maybe she just wanted to know what it was. She probably never heard of them 😈😉



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