Oh the Awkwardness

I am a smart, fun, polite human. Buttttt for some reason in groups with new people weird things happen, to be more specific…. I say awkward things.

For example-

Person A: Hi I’m Connie, what’s your name?

Me: I like dinosaurs.

Wtf is wrong with me. Someone recently told me I don’t pay attention when people talk, I feel like this could be the cause of the cray. That makes me feel bad though, not that I don’t pay attention, just that people KNOW I don’t pay attention.

Also, every emotion that I’m going through can be seen on my face. Traditionally I sport the ever-so-common resting bitch face, but I also have an awkward face specifically for new people and get-togethers that closely resembles a look of constipation. 

I think I need to practice normal interactions in the mirror and a “friendly” look.

Life is hard.


(Photos tumblr)



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